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7 questions
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09 / SPRING 2014


Vasco Buonpensiere, Sales and Marketing Director


This issue of CdM Experience arrives a bit later than expected: can you explain us why this happened?
What actually happened is that we have been postponing this new issue as there was always something new and positive happening and we wanted to include it in the publication! As the good news seemed like not stopping and summing up one another, at the end we decided to publish this issue leaving the ‘next great news’ to the following one!

It sounds like CdM is performing quite well if so many good news are summing up at such a pace?
We are absolutely thrilled about what is happening here at CdM, and it is a real pleasure for me to enter every morning the shipyard feeling that this excitement is shared by every single member of the team! Moral is super high and the whole team here in Ancona is incredibly motivated to do better and better in order not only to confirm the expectations, but to deliver much more than expected. Considering also the really minimal after sale activity requested by our delivered vessel and the high level of satisfaction of those owners who are already cruising on our Yachts, we have good reasons to be happy about our performances, indeed.

Are your sales proceeding steadily in this difficult market?
We have now actually improved our usual rythm of one sale every three months since inception. We have in fact now sold three yachts in four months and... two more are going to come very soon. The last Boat International’s Market Intelligence report shows that in the first quarter of 2014 CdM represents 25% of the sales in in the 24/35 mt segment worldwide (whatever the material or type of boat) and 100% of the global sales in its specific segment (metal displacement vessels between 24 and 35 mt). We are just at the beginning of the year and we have a very good number of negotiations ongoing: there are good chances that we will complete our 2016 backlog before the coming summer!!!

Which are the reason why clients are choosing CdM vs the competition in your opinion?
The three new CdM owners who just ordered their vessels, have kindly agreed to answer to our questions abt this subject in a shared interview which we are sure will help all of you to understand why and how a yacht owner and passionate seaman decides to build his next boat at CdM. I am sure will will enjoy reading their words!

A fast growth means also bigger complexities for a company: does this apply also to CdM?
The first important answer is that, in spite of the growing demand, we keep on deliverying only three yachts per year until 2016 (when we will start deliverying four yachts per year), so the growth is not really impacting the organization as you would expect. At the same time, though, we want to be sure that our quality, processes and results improve day after day. To achieve this important target, we have hired new engineers in our Technical Department, a new foreman into the sheds, and – last but not least – we have now a General Manager with an incredible experience who will support our CEO Ennio Cecchini in leading CdM towards higher and higher goals. In order to introduce Bruno Piantini – the new GM – to all of you, we thought it was a good idea to interview him: we are sure you will read with interest his words, too.

While we are waiting for the ‘next good news’, can you anticipate something to us? The most important anticipation is definitely related to the three deliveries of this season: a Darwin 86, a Nauta Air 86 and a Nauta Air 90. In the next issue of this newsletter we will present them in detail: three very different owners with three very different cruising styles is a great formula to show how CdM is able to adapt its yachts to the owner’s needs!

Thank you!

Vasco Buonpensiere, Sales and Marketing Director


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09 / SPRING 2014


Ennio Cecchini, CEO


Ennio, things are going pretty well at CdM in spite of the overall scenario: what are the reasons of this positive performance of your shipyard in your opinion?
This is a question very often asked also by clients approaching CdM for the first time and I think I now have quite a clear idea about the answer. First of all I think that having had the opportunity to start this shipyard from scratch has definitely been a plus. Before starting off, we have meticolously analyzed the market and in particular we have tried to understand how the market has changed after the GFC and how we could meet a newly formed demand. Basically, this means that one of the main reasons of our success is having brought to the market what the market was actually looking for without really finding it. Together with this main driver, I must mention the great focus on quality, starting from the design and engineering processes. We knew that the market has always looked at the italian shipyards as great in design and flexibility but not as the best as far as the technical side of the build. We wanted to prove since the beginning that this is not true, and this has been possible only deliverying great quality vessels starting from the first one, proving that the ‘number one so not as good as it could be’ myth could be defeated. For sure, together with the aforesaid, I think that our fair, passionate and committed approach towards our clients has paid off. As you can read also in the interviews published on CdM Experience newsletter, this is something all of our clients, surveyor and captains always mention. My staff is not only the best team I could dream of in terms of knowledge and ability, but they all share the same pro-client approach. Last but not least I would like to stress that the ability of our sales office in widening the sales activities worlwide has given us a great opportunity. We have sold boats in Italy, Australia, Germany, Uk, Mexico, Argentina etc. The sales network is really working very well and gives us the opportunity to grab any sales possibilty all over the world: whereve there is a client who is looking for a steel and alu displacement vessel between 24 and 40 mt... We are able to intercept him and propose our range of yachts.

2014 will be a very interesting year for CdM with three deliveries, two of which are going to be the first ones of the Nauta Air series. This must be very exciting for you.
Yes, it is definitely thrilling for all of us. We are going to deliver a Darwin 86 full of interesting customizations which once again will be a demonstration of our ability of fulfillling every client’s needs. The delivery of the two Nauta Air 86 and 90 on the other hand will give us the possibility to show the amazing job our friends at Nauta have done for us in designing and entry level boat with a very contemporary design which, at the same time, has lines which will stand the time passing by with elegance and style. I am sure that once those two vessels will be cruising this summer, with their sleek and elegant lines, the biggest and most liveable fly bridge ever seen on 80 footers, and their beautiful interiors, a few more will enter into our pipeline.

With a backlog which is already bringing your sold production to 2016, what is your vision of the future?
At CdM we always plan things in advance in order not to lose the competitive advantage so quickly gained. We have quite clear ideas about the future and we are already working on new proposal for the future market. Those proposal are based on our constant feedback from our clientele, the analysys of the single different territories we are penetrating, and all the technical innovation we consider correct and reliable to be proposed to our owners. We will increase our presence in South America thanks to the boats already sold there and on the many prospect clients we are dealing with, we will start a new sales strategy in the US which I am sure will increase the already high interest from the area, and we will implement new quality processes to improve those building details which are not always noticed by clients, but perfectionists as we are, we want to bring at another superior level anyway.

That is very interesting indeed, but can you tell us more about the new yachts you are thinking about?
I cannot disclose this yet, obviously, but I can say that – once again – we always start from the market’s demand and not for sure from something that we - -internally – consider a great idea. For the time being let’s enjoy the success of the Darwin 2.0 lines and the Nauta Air range and let’s keep our feet solidly on the ground. This is a difficult job, believe me, and moving forward cautiosly and step by step is a must for us. We are here to stay and to increase our quality and reputation for the many years to come. We proceed at displacement mode: safely, comfortably and enjoying what we are doing as a yachtmen enjoys saling on one of our vessels.

Best Wishes
Ennio Cecchini, CEO


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09 / SPRING 2014



  • 01 Introducing Bruno: our new General Manager
  • 02 7 questions for 3 owners of CdM Vessels
  • 03 Alex G. Clarke of Denison Yacht Sales


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09 / SPRING 2014


Introducing Bruno: our new General Manager

Bruno, can you summarize your career before becoming General Manager at CdM?
After My degree in Mechanical Engineering I've been a University researcher abroad for a while, and then I've started my career as a consultant working for a leading strategic consulting firm, mainly focalizing on M&A and turnaround project of International Companies. In 2004 I decided to turnaround my life as well, and moved to CRN where I've been covering several roles since becoming Shipyard Manager in 2009 and where I’ve been working till moving to CdM.

Which have been the main drivers of your choice? Why CdM?
I've been a sponsor of the CdM Project since it's foundation: the founders and the shareholders have a clear vision and passion for what they do, the people involved in the Project have strong competence and motivations, the product is very well targeted on the needs of the market and well differentiated from the competitors. After 10 years at CRN, when I decided it was time for new challenges, the right path to follow was immediately clear in my mind.

It is now three months since you have bcome part of the team at CdM: what are your first thoughts about this new experience and what has impressed you more?
It's three months, but I feel it like 1 year. Cdm has involved me totally: I love the committed approach to clients, I strongly believe in the product idea, I feel totally comfortable with all the people working in the company. It's a small and young company, so it's plenty of things to be done do and issues to take care of, but the motivated approach and the strong competence makes possible to go home every day (exausted, but) always with a positive result achieved. What has impressed me more is definitely the quickness on taking and implementing decisions thanks to the shor chain of command and the determination of all the players involved: that’s the best competitive advantage we can have.

CdM is performing extremely well: which are the priorities on which you have been asked to focus?
Quality of the products, clients satisfaction, stakeholders motivation and efficient organization, good company result. Simple but strong targets, mirror of the product features, highlighting again a very clear vision.

Sales are going very well for CdM with a backlog which starts covering the first months of 2016: can you confirm that these positive results are adequately refleceted also financially wise? Can you anticipate us some figures of the 2014/2017 Business Plan of CdM?
Thanks to the very good sales results, especially in the last months, the Company results are improving fast and the Company is improving month by month. The Value of Production is forecasted to improve more than 100% in the next 18 months, only considering the backlog (acquired contracts), and the profitability is already quite good in 2014. Considering the situation of the market and the news we hear from the industry, together with the young age of the Company and the country where we live, this is the case history closer to... a miracle.. I can imagine.

We know that you are a keen boater and own a motorboat yourself: are you more a Nauta Air or a Darwin Class yachtman? Why?
When I’m on a boat, I love feeling lost in the middle of sea, with the idea of remaining far from the seashore and from the “civilization” for long. Cruising always represents for me an adventure and an exploration, so what better than an Explorer Yacht? This is why I feel an Explorer yachtman. Darwin or Nauta Air are just two different aesthetical approach to the Explorer world: to tell you the truth... As we are talking about dreams: I would like to have one Darwin and one Nauta Air to keep in two different parts of the world!

Let’s finish this interview with the usual question we normaly ask to all those people which enters in contact with CdM: give us three adjectives to describe Cantiere delle Marche.
Fast, Exciting, Solid.


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09 / SPRING 2014


7 questions for 3 owners of CdM Vessels

We asked three owners, whose boats will be delivered in 2015, how and why they chose their Darwin Class.

01. You have done a very precise choice deciding for an Explorer Vessel vs a White Yacht. Can you tell us why?

DARWIN 86 ITA - I started visiting shipyards and yachts about five years ago and, thanks to my professional experience and knowledge, I had the chance to investigate very deeply all the technical aspect in every detail. I have always noticed that beside every explanation there were always some characteristics bringing some limits into the picture: the sea, the range, the materials, the hull etc. But I was looking for a real little ship: something really build to cruise safely the oceans with reliable systems, and not something just floating in an harbour. I visited a ‘navetta’ built in a North European shipyard and this was the answer to my questions: the little ship I was looking for could exist. A go anywhere displacement vessel, solid, overengineered, with transoceanic range, with reasonable running cost and a stable and smooth depreciation along the years. A yacht to Explore the oceans safely. An Explorer Vessel. This immediately narrowed my field of research, deleting the white yachts from the picture.

DARWIN 96 MEX - I have owned different kind of vessels through the years, but right now having three kids and a wife who really love the ocean and the adventure of getting to difficult places, it makes sense to have an explorer yacht to not only have the independence to of many nautical miles but also to have onboard all the infrastructure to make a trip of a lifetime.

DARWIN 107 UK - We wanted a ‘Go anywhere at any time vessel’ that felt safe and looked safe. We have had enough of speeding around the Mediterranean with the mass boating population, the explorer gives us quietness, relaxed style, anchoring away from the others in areas hard to find for long periods of time.

02. In the global market niche of the steel Explorer Yachts you have chosen for a Darwin Class built at CdM. How did you get to this decision?

DARWIN 86 ITA - As I said, I think I have an adequate technical knowledge, even if not specifically in the yachting field. I developed it in years and years working and travelling worldwide visiting industrial and oil plants. I also have visited many shipyards both in Italy and North of Europe, and I built up some knowledge about yards and their organization. I can frankly say that at CdM I have found the deep knowledge and the perfectionist approach that I couldn’t find anywhere else. On top of that, I found a team always available to discuss even the smaller detail, trying to find a solution to all those requests that a yacht owner wants to see implemented in his project. Working with CdM makes me feel part of the project team, not only a yacht owner. I love working with such a committed group of people, always ready to discuss and to reinterpretate their point of view.

DARWIN 96 MEX - I was exploring for quite some time what was in the market and I had the opportunity to visit various yachts and came across a Darwin 86, which fitted all that I was expecting, although I wanted a little bigger yacht. When we had the first meeting with CdM to look at building a 96, basically the decision was made because of their excellent approach and willing to really build the right vessel for me.

DARWIN 107 UK - We saw a Darwin 86 at the Barcelona show and was very impressed by the quality of build and her internal size. We again saw her in Croatia and then the decision was made. We looked at the whole idea of a displacement vessel and nothing else measured up to the CDM shipyard.

03. How was your first contact with the shipyard? Was there something which impressed you and made your decision for CdM easier?

DARWIN 86 ITA - I still remember my first call to the yard. I spent more than an hour talking on the phone with the Technical Director, who was always asking properly and competently to my questions whatever the subject and my point of view. This was so different to my previous experiences: too many times I have been answered ‘trust us, we have always done like that’... At CdM, already from that first call, they faced any issue arosen – even deeply technical – without cutting any corner. An unprecedented experience, indeed. From that initial call I have developed a frank and straight relationship with all the people involved at CdM which has brought smoothly and quickly to the to the definition of the contractual specs in every detail and the signature of the contract.

DARWIN 96 MEX - Through Alex Clarke at Denison Yachts, and then with Vasco Buonpensiere at CdM, the all around experience since that first meeting - until now that we are on the building process - we have undergone a lot of ideas, and all of them have been taken into account for the design, some of them have been implemented in the project, and some of them have not as not practicable, but working with all the people at CdM makes it a real pleasure to build a yacht.

DARWIN 107 UK - People buy from People and I knew within 5 minutes I could deal with the CDM team. They have a relaxed and easy approach , understand the customer requirements and most importantly listen to the customer’s needs. With CDM it is what the customer wants and not what the shipyard tells you can have.

04. Once the decision was made, how was your experience during the negotiation of the contract and specification?

DARWIN 86 ITA - I am considered a person very precise and attentive to details. I strongly believe that a well balanced – technical and contractual – agreement is the starting point for a long term and succesful relationship. Said that, I have personally witnessed CdM’s willing to satisfy its client as never before. Seen the short timing we had in order to have the boat delivered in June 2015 I met the shipyard’s team really in every possible moment personally. The whole team has always travelled and has always approached our meeting incredibly organized and with a perfect coordination among the different departments. In my career I learned that a good agreement can happen only if all the parties really want it: with CdM it has been a confirmation of it. They really can make things happen in the most professional way, also saying the right ‘No’ wen needed and technically sustainable.

DARWIN 96 MEX - Again, CdM showed an incredible attitude towards all of our requests and expectation and both for the specifications and the contract we really had a pleasant and smooth experience.

DARWIN 107 UK - Very fair negotiations on the contact with a spirit of cooperation not often found in my experience when dealing with other yards in the past. Good yard input over specification from their previous customers experience but very willing to accept new ideas from both the current captain and from a hands on owner. A very refreshing approach.

05. Which model did you choose and why?

DARWIN 86 ITA - I have chosen a Darwin 86 because I was looking for a ship, but under 24 metres in order to stay in that side of the rules. As soon as I saw the Darwin 86 under construction at CdM I immediately realized that the volumes and the areas available on that boat were nothing comparable to all the boats of the same length I visited before: the Darwin 86, with its 206 GRT is just enormous and perfectly suitable for what my family and I were looking for.

DARWIN 96 MEX - As I said before, I saw the darwin 86 which was already including all what we need, but I ended up choosing the Darwin 96 as it gives those bigger volumes which will allow me to have that more storage and space needed for extensive cruising.

DARWIN 107 UK - We decided on the Darwin 96 design and grew to a Darwin 107 to accommodate additional grandchildren, we also wanted a large tender and increased space for the crew. We run a family only boat , it is our base for the summer and therefore is home from home. You cannot compromise on safety, strength and specification all of which the 107 will give the family.

06. What are your cruising plans once your new Darwin Class vessel will be delivered?

DARWIN 86 ITA - My Darwin 86 will be delivered in June 2015. At the moment we are thinking of cruising down the Croatian coast, then to the Greek Islands and slowly going up the Italian West Coast and its islands, Corsica to finally reach Cannes for the Boat Show in September.

DARWIN 96 MEX - The cruising plans are still not in place, but what I really beleive is that this vessel is going to take us to really increidible and remote places.

DARWIN 107 UK - Revisit the whole of the Mediterranean at displacement speed and see the places we missed the first time while travelling too quickly! We very much want to cruise Scotland and Norway building up to travel the North West passage to the Arctic and down to Vancouver.

07. What are your cruising plans once your new Darwin Class vessel will be delivered?

DARWIN 86 ITA - My Experience at CdM can be defined: interesting, solid, beautiful.

DARWIN 96 MEX - CdM really values relationships, they are flexible, and they really make an owner feeling part of their, deserved, success. They can really be the genie of the lamp!!

DARWIN 107 UK - Friendly, Helpful, Professional.


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09 / SPRING 2014


Alex G. Clarke of Denison Yacht Sales

Please tell me more about your history with Cantiere delle Marche and your view on explorer yachts?
I have known Vasco dating back to his days at CRN, and both Ennio Cecchini & Sergio Cutolo of Hydro Tec are long term friends. I find that all three have a common passion for yachting, and in particular the explorer segment of the market which is something that I believe will continue to grow in popularity amongst the yachting market as owner's get tired of doing the standard Mediterranean & Caribbean seasons. They want to see more of the world, to be able to explore the far corners of the oceans that are still relatively untouched by people – and Cantiere delle Marche can provide that product.

Your client is building a Darwin series yacht, correct?
Yes, my client is actually building a Darwin 100 which is a modified version of the Darwin 96. In order to accommodate a second tender, in fact, we extended the transom & swim platform yet kept the integrity of the design assuring the vessels sea keeping abilities remained superior. The design of this special Darwin 100 is already implementing all those features of what we call the 'Darwin Class 2.0' style, of which a more detailed description you can find in the former issues of this newsletter, which I feel will appeal to a larger demographic of potential buyers.

Tell me more about the custom Dive Center onboard?
This is a great feature and proof that every Cantiere delle Marche yacht is customized specifically for each client. My client is a very experienced diver so it was mandatory to build a full service dive center in the lazzarrette area. We have plumbed in a mixed gas Nitrox compressor with multiple fill stations, custom dive lockers for the BCDs/wetsuits, tank storage, work station for camera equipments and organization of masks/snorkels/fins, and racks for the new generation SeaBob SF5 series. And to compliment the dive center the shipyard is designing a 6.5 meter all alu custom 'explorer' tender specifically built for dive expeditions. It was a great team effort.

What is your opinion on the build quality at Cantiere delle Marche?
This is an easy answer. The owner of this Darwin 100 also owns a much larger 70+ meter yacht built in Northern Europe at one of the most well respected shipyards in the world. When we first considered building at Cantiere delle Marche I travelled with the captain of his 70+ meter to inspect the Darwin 96 'Stella di Mare' and visit the shipyard. At the end of our trip the captain stated that the quality he had viewed at CdM was equivalent to what he has experienced in Holland & Germany. In particular he said 'I have run four different Feadships & a Lurssen and you have me sold!' which is always the highest compliment available when put on the same level as some of the finest shipyards in the world.

How has Cantiere delle Marche been to work with?
Vasco has been my main contact through the sales & customization process and he has made my life as a broker much easier which is a pleasant surprise. I have never dealt with a yard that has been so transparent & honest with the client/shipyard relationship. As I mentioned before, my client is extremely experienced thus very demanding and I feel we have exceeded his expectations with customer service. The yacht will be delivered in August 2015 and I am 100% confident that the final project will do the same. From contract negotiations, to change orders, customization of the dive areas, tenders, and even modifying the super structure & general arrangement – CdM has been receptive to my clients visions & rather then saying they were impossible CdM made it happen. One of my client's advisors once told me that in order to meet the demand of this individual one must 'make the impossible possible.' And I am confident we have accomplished this goal as a team.

Alex G. Clarke, Denison Yacht Sales – Superyacht Division/p>


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